About the Rotary Fire Fighters Home

With the overwhelming amount of fires this season in California and the West, the worst yet it seems, I began to wonder what rotarians are doing to help out. I found a lot of fundraising drives that were really interesting, but the one thing that caught my eye was the Rotary Fire Fighters Home.

The Rotary Fire […]

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Heart and Sole Shoe Drive

A note from Joy Anderson, District Governor 2020-2021, District 5230

Hello Coastal Club Presidents,

The Fresno Cultural Arts Rotary Club and the Central California Passport Club is wrapping up their Heart and Sole Shoe Drive and I would like us to support this worthwhile cause.  The flyer is attached.

I have set up a drop off point at the […]

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Out With August and In With Basic Education and Literacy Month

We held our official first off-site meeting last Thursday, seamlessly led by Dennis and “zoomed” by Ann. Ben shared a great inspiration tributing our firefighters, and Janet’s Rotary Minute was about Rotary’s “5 Avenues of Service.” Our Rotary Trivia expert, Lisse, recited the history of how “The Bell” became part of Rotary meetings. Diane gave the […]

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Cannery Row Rec Trail Cleanup

Every first Saturday of the month, you’ll find members of the Monterey Pacific Rotary Club cleaning the Rec trail that runs through Cannery Row. We start at the section just above the Monterey Bay Aquarium and head towards the yacht harbor, picking up trash and cigarette butts over about a 1/3 mile stretch of paved trail […]

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2020 KICK OUT Adieu Everett and Miles!

The club got together earlier today to kick out our two most recent presidents, Everett Sivils and Miles Stearman, with masks, social distancing, and a lot of fun.

The day began with a diabolical scavenger hunt that proved to be a mind-bending test of local Monterey knowledge and trivia. Fortunately for Miles and Everett, it was […]

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