Every first Saturday of the month, you’ll find members of the Monterey Pacific Rotary Club cleaning the Rec trail that runs through Cannery Row. We start at the section just above the Monterey Bay Aquarium and head towards the yacht harbor, picking up trash and cigarette butts over about a 1/3 mile stretch of paved trail used by runners, cyclists, walkers, and lots of family tourists.

Picking up garbage isn’t particularly glamorous or noteworthy, but it’s been great PR for the club, and for Rotary at large. When locals and tourists see a group of us in our Rotary shirts, picking up garbage, we always get thank you’s from them, and some will even stop to discuss our efforts, or to share what their club does locally. We absolutely love it!

Admittedly, trail cleanup has been a challenge for us in the Covid-19 era. The thought of picking up other people’s garbage during a pandemic, even for a good cause, doesn’t have the same allure as it did prior to the lockdown. Our members who feel comfortable with the idea of being around tourists and other people did their research, and we’ve come to agree that picking up garbage is safe with PPE in place. It’s the people and lack of masks and social distancing that makes us nervous. Honestly, we don’t all participate in trail cleanup specifically due to that risk, and as a club, we’re fine with that.

That said, you’re welcome to join us on the trail. It’s a good chance to get to know Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific, and learn more about why you might want to join Rotary. Bring your PPE and a trash bag and join the fun!

Club Activity: Rec Trail Cleanup
When: First Saturday of the month
Location: Rec Trail just above Monterey Bay Aquarium
Time: 9:00am with breakfast to follow.