The Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific has a long history of working within our communities to promote the well-being of our citizens. We have long supported the community through a range of service projects and financial grant distributions. Members of the Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific have focused on grant issuance to community minded non-profits organizations like the Village Project (TVPI), Seaside, CA.

The Village Project notes, “An important fact about TVPI is that while the agency was founded to help meet the needs of the under-served African American community, we provide services to any individual or family in need.” TVPI offers a variety of service that include counseling for adolescents, families, individual adults and couples as well as group help with anger management, grieving and young women. To learn more about TVPI, visit their website at

TVPI is a past grant recipient from the Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific. Their co-founder wrote:

“Thank you, Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific. Your ongoing support of the students attending our Mae C. Johnson Education and Cultural Enrichment Academy has benefited our students. Over the years our students have graduated from high school, brought their grades up and made healthy life choices. Not only has your generosity benefited our students, but their families and the entire community. Thank you!”

Rotary members throughout the world take action to make communities better. We contribute our  time, energy, and passion to carry out meaningful and sustainable projects that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, support education, and grow local economies.